Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Recent Doings

Multi talented James Bonner - gaffer on OHG, has recently sold his feature film "TRAP". Check out the movie's website:

Hows Bayou?

Ok, Ok, so it's not so easy keeping up with this blog stuff - especially when you are in a creative standstill. A new script is in the works, and that it taking forever - waiting for brainstorms in a desert. How do you break through the morass to reach the creative gold? I find the best way is to talk it through with someone else. Throw the ideas around and the synapses really start clicking for me. On my own, the good stuff seems to arrive while I'm driving - thinking about the task at hand, but more peripherally... if I'm thinking about a story concept indirectly I arrive at a breakthrough more often than if I'm staring it down.

Thought of the day: It's time for political pundits to be exposed for what they are: entertainers shilling for a buck. They are to the political process as WWE is to sport.

The 1,345,453,942nd blog entry on the web! Where were you when this happened?

Well, here we are - the new and improved One Half Gone web blog, or weblog as nobody calls it. There's been a lot of inactivity these days with the movie - no money, no time, etc... So rather than try to squeeze words from this rock, I haven't written much.
But here's some new and exciting news! I'm updating the blog! If you haven't got something nice to say, change the way it's displayed.
I'm using a template for the time being - I'm sure I'll spend an entire day scouring the web for instructions on how to add a picture or something.

I'm thinking I need a new feature, something kitchy, something completely trite - like a thought of the day. There, new feature accomplished.